{something about siblings}

i am the youngest of six kids, eight if you count the step-brother and step-sister that came along in my teen years (a happy occurance, in case you’re wondering), so i know a little something about the feelings an old photo of all the kids together will bring about. it can be a goofy image, in which everyone is making a silly face. or even an image no one knew was being taken. or it can be one like these — the posed ones your mom wanted where everyone had to be very clean and smile big and act like they wouldn’t rather be doing something else.

except these images are a little different. because i think these kids want to be doing exactly what they’re doing — making mom happy, hanging with the ‘sibs and smiling big all at the very same time for this crazy guy who makes funny noises, teases them nonstop and gives mom exactly what she was hoping for. this is what we call making magic and we’re so lucky to do it each and every day. {by jen}


{condé nast}

very excited about one of our new clients, washington school house. this fabulous boutique hotel in park city, utah, was just mentioned in condé nast’s concierge.com – and they used one of our images for the article. to see the page click here. I will post some of the other images soon or you can see them now at washington school house.



{why i am not allowed on photo shoots}

and this, my friends, is a prime example of why i am not allowed on photo shoots. i don’t think i could control myself around this hunka-hunka of love. no, i’m not talking about michael, though i do love this image of him shooting the family. it’s the little guy — a natural when it comes to modeling and a true heart breaker. i’m sure i’d want to squeeze him and hold him and try to make him act silly. and no one would appreciate it. but him. {by jen}

{live united}

i feel privileged to be able to work with some very large companies and organizations. one of these organizations is united way. we have done several shoots with them and i talked about one i did with charger’s cornerback quentin jammer here on this blog. interestingly enough, the billboards are actually back up — one of them is at the corner of garnet and mission bay drive. i drive by it once or twice a week and it’s pretty fun to see. he is a good guy and i really like the image.

this time, the shoot was a continuation of their “live united” campaign, but with kids looking like real kids, being themselves and “living united”. we had 11 kids from 2 to 12 at our studio for a fun-filled afternoon. unfortunately, i cannot show you any of the images just yet — well, except for one, it’s one of my three daughters. they had a blast posing in front of the camera. especially our littlest one, evie. she actually listened to me and followed all my directions. i guess i should carry my camera with me at all times to keep her listening.

united way shoot

{total cuties}

yesterday we had an all-day commercial shoot with infantino. we do a lot of work for them and enjoy every minute of it and i wanted to share a few of the images — it was a great day!

first up is ava. she has worked with us several times before and comes to this shoot via jet set. today she was on fire! we could not get her to stop laughing and making all sorts of noise. she was so cute.infantino

the next little one is mason. like ava, he’s with jet set and he was having a ball. he actually started to look for and smile at rei, who took the behind-the-scenes shots, when I wasn’t photographing him. total pro. the toy mason is holding is a vibrating teether. when you chomp on the little grape it starts to vibrate. for a split second, mason would look shocked but then smiled and then laughed. he had us all cracking up.


one of the things about commercial work is that you sometimes have to create something that is not really there. for the next shot, we had to add a kitchen feel without shooting in a kitchen. i think it worked out and, with mason in the shot, we can’t go wrong!


here is the shot the other direction:

michael spengler

when it’s a wrap, i always get a high-five from my models, even when they are only 7 months old. doesn’t always work, but mason tried and, like he does with everything, had fun doing it, too!

michael spengler


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